History of WOLF Environmental Group

Judy Whistler-001WOLF Environmental Group was established in November of 1990 by Judy Stockton after she had been employed for four years in an international executive search firm based in Montreal, Canada. This firm’s approach to professional client/candidate relationships was extremely unique. While in Montreal, Judy had achieved the status of the number one revenue producer in Canada. In 1989, the firm then transferred her to Los Angeles, California to establish a division.

Having accomplished the above objective, Judy then relocated to the Northwest, where WOLF Environmental Group was founded, an executive search firm that specializes in the placement of mid to senior level Environmental professionals in the Northwest. Choosing to work specifically in this region, and in an industry that genuinely interested her, allowed WOLF to meet personally most of its clients and candidates.

Clients value WOLF Environmental Group’s knowledge of local contacts, trends, regulations and confidential candidate relationships that have been developed over the years. Judy is ahead of the marketplace and knows the news before it hits the newsstand, giving candidates and clients a definite advantage. The firm doesn’t rely on available candidates or a database exclusively. When Judy listens to professionals in the industry, they open up and tell her what their personal and professional goals are. Listening behind the words is how WOLF makes matches. Judy has learned to focus on what is “not” being said and then asks the critical questions, which prevents any “derailing” of the interviewing and hiring process.

Trust, knowledge and excellent references have made WOLF Environmental Group the number one environmental and engineering search firm in the Northwest. WOLF is also old fashioned in their business practices. Guarantees may be long over, but WOLF will always do what it takes to solve any problems. “All we have is our reputation, and we guard it carefully.”

Many people ask: “Why the name WOLF Environmental Group?” It was a personal choice. The WOLF is an incredible spirit animal and represents intelligence, integrity, natural beauty and part of the wild most of us are striving to protect. They are controversial survivors and need our understanding, respect and protection.

Therefore, a portion of the revenue produced by WOLF is donated to the WOLF organizations. You will find a link to many local, regional, national and international organizations below. They educate people on the importance of respecting and protecting this majestic and misunderstood beauty of nature. It is our human responsibility.

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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress… can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Gandhi

Judy S. Stockton
WOLF Environmental Group, Inc.