To Our Most Valued Present & Future Clients,

Most often in life, it”s not always what you know, but it”s who you know.

We, at WOLF Environments Group, have made it our business for over twenty years to know who  the environmental trend-setters are before it becomes public knowledge.  This gives our clients a direct advantage when seeking to hire the best people in the business. We attend industry conferences, trade shows and related meetings in order to be exposed to the Northwest and national environmental leaders, rain makers and movers & shakers.

We are also members of several local, regional and national environmental and engineering associations in order to stay on top of our ever changing market and talent.

It”s a competitive marketplace. We get that.  If you don”t stand out, you will not attract the best in the field.  It is our job to sell your company and your opportunity in the best possible light. Our success depends on it.  We don”t work with everyone.  Our clients offer above average compensation programs, exciting futures and have “the edge” over the industry average.

If you are interested in having WOLF Environmental Group evaluate your needs based on our business and environmental expertise, call us at 1-800-668-9653 or email us:

WOLF Environmental Group. We look forward to talking with you!.

All information submitted to WOLF Environmental Group will be held in the strictest of confidence!